About our Vineyard

The Vineyard has 4 white grape varieties and 4 red grape varieties.     

White Varieties:

Chardonel - This is an interspecific cross of Seyval Blanc and Chardonnay.  It is a very productive grape ripening in mid-season with large bunches of white berries.  This grape produces a fine quality dry, white wine with the potential for oak aging.

Vidal Blanc - A very productive white grape that requires a long growing season with moderate winter temperatures.  A hybrid of Italy, this grape produces a very aromatic wine of very good quality.

Vignoles - This grape is a moderate producer with small compact clusters.  The wines produced are of excellent quality and can be made into many different styles.

Cayuga White - One of the most productive and disease resistant white grapes grown in the Eastern U.S., this grape can be made into a medium bodied semi-sweet wine which brings out the fruit aromas.

Red Varieties:

Chambourcin - A French hybrid, this late ripening red grape requires a long growing season and moderate winter temperatures.  It is very productive with large loose bunches of medium-sized blue berries.  The red wine produced is very highly rated and is higher in tannins than other French-American hybrids.

Marechal Foch - The vines produce small black grapes on small tight clusters.  This very early ripening grape is very winter hardy and is medium in production.  Wines from this grape range from fruity, light reds to hearty, full-bodied reds.

St. Vincent - A very productive late ripening blue grape that produces a very dark juice.  The wine can be blended with other red wines or oak aged for a full bodied dry red wine.

Steuben - This vine is very hardy and productive with long compact clusters of bluish-black grapes.  The wine produced is used to make a semi-sweet blush wine with a spicy tang.

What People Say

We went last night. My first time there. Our waitress was on top of it! She was super nice. Not once did we have to ask for a refill! The Mexican fiesta pizza and nachos were amazing! Will be coming back for more soon!

Lisa McElyea

Fabulous pizza! Great service! Great atmosphere!

Lisa Swann Roberts

We planned a trip to Simmons Winery and were pleasantlysurprised. The wines were very good and the beers were even better. There was a wedding in the garden, which was beautiful.Too bad we live three hours away as this would be our favorite place to go.
August 2014

Mary Wagner